Terms and Conditions

When using Andover Unity Mobility, I agree:

  • To read and understand the instructions I will be given upon request, on the safe use of equipment, when I collect my item.
  • To use any equipment loaned under the scheme with due care and attention to others.
  • I understand that extra care will need to be exercised when in crowded and restricted areas and pedestrians will always be given right of way.
  • I understand the Mobility scooters are ‘pavement vehicles’ only and do not have right of way on the Highway.
  • I agree that pedestrian crossings, where available, and dropped kerbs will always be used to crossroads.
  • I will always apply brakes on relevant equipment will be applied when the vehicle is stationary.
  • I understand I must not carry passengers of any description (including pets) whilst the equipment is in my care.
  • I agree not to allow any other person to use the equipment without the agreement of Unity Mobility.
  • I will notify the staff at Unity Mobility of any problems that arise during the period of hire.
  • I will return the vehicle in good working condition by the time agreed to Unity Mobility, unless collection has been arranged.
  • If collection has been arranged, I understand that equipment must be ready in a safe place for the date and time agreed when hire commenced.
  • Unity Mobility reserve the right in the event that equipment is not returned as agreed to recover the equipment and charge appropriate costs for this recovery and/or repairs or replacement of the equipment.


When using a powered vehicle, I further agree that the equipment:

  • Will not be left unattended unless parked safely with the key removed.
  • Will always be switched off when not in use, this is important when getting on or off the vehicle.
  • Bags and handbags must be carried in the baskets provided only.
  • Will not to be used whilst under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or any medication that would impair ability to operate the equipment safely.

Unity Mobility reserve the right to refuse the hire of equipment to customers who do not comply with these terms and conditions. This may affect your usage at other Wessex schemes.

If the equipment you have ordered is not available, we will endeavour to offer you a suitable alternative.

You must give 2 days’ notice of any cancellations. An admin fee may be charged if less notice is given.

Unity Mobility take all steps to regularly maintain all equipment to a high standard, all customers therefore use the said equipment at their own risk.  Unity Mobility will accept no liability for injury, loss or damage except when resulting from the hire of equipment.

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